Here is a list of all the FAQ you may have.

"Why is the UGI so militaristic?"

This is a good question that I feel the need to answer. The reasoning is because where the UGI are from they have been in a state of war for 250 years, and without having such a large military they would most likely fall.

"Is the UGI more advanced than Starfleet?"

Yes, their average technological level is about maybe 30 years more advanced however, they have technology in their databases that are hundreds if not thousands of years. As well as any vessel built by the Taiidans has progenitor shielding, that is around 80 years more advanced.

"What is a Jump Gate?"

A Jump gate is a device the UGI utilizes that increases the ships warp speed to 100% faster than usual so long as the coordinates they are heading to has a Jump Gate. Anytime you hear Jump Gate Hub it means that there is around 5 Jump Gates. A Jump Gate is a very large structure large enough for a Leviathan to go through due to Warp being so slow by comparison the need to get to other galaxies for possible Cluster Wars this piece of Technology was created.

"You say Cluster Wars what is a Cluster War?"

A Cluster War is found in the Novan clusters. An actual set of 78 galaxies that is around 10 billion lightyears from the Milky Way. A cluster is 10 galaxies super close to each other and cluster wars is a war within the cluster. A Multi-cluster war is when two cluster sets are at war and when their is a Exa-cluster war(only 1 has been recorded) is when all the cluster galaxies are at war.