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These are the protocols that must be used when taking into account when annexing a world into the UGI.
  1. The UGI will send a scout ship from the Reconnaisance Corps to determine if they are technologically advanced. They must scan the planet before landing a Recon team to a city.
  2. Once in the city they will determine if these planet is technologically advanced, by determining if they have Economic centers, a Capital or even a Urban Structures.
  3. If a planet is given the greenlight they will send thier report to the Executive branch of the UGI for terms of annexation. 
  4. Once are given terms the planet will be annexxed into the UGI.

Protocols after UGI AnnexationEdit

  1. The UGI military will commence building UGI Military Installations on the planet to house and hold the UGI military so that no UGI citizen may quarter a UGI soldier.
  2. SECFORCE will be sent to the UGI planet in question and commence construction of a SECFORCE Orbital station and will send as many vessels as they deem nessecary to protect the planet/system.