UGI Orbital Patrol Station
Orbital Patrol base
Technical information
Station Type
  • System Security
  • Temporary Detention center
  • (5) 10gJ Shielding Generators
  • 100 Light Plasma Cannons
  • 50 Ion Cannons
  • 5 SECFORCE Corvettes
  • 50 SECFORCE Defender squadrons
  • 1500 SECFORCE Security Officers
  • 5000 Prisoners
  • Orbital Station
  • Temporary Detention center
  • Defense Platform

These stations are in orbit of every UGI world they have annexxed as well as in deep space such as in Asteroid belts. They act as a detention center and their larger brother Orbital Detention stations are designed as an Indefinite holding center where all prisoners are placed into cryostasis to allow for a much larger amount of prisoners and will not be required to staff as many people.


  • Height: 11,502 meters
  • Width: 7,000 meters


Designed by a SECFORCE police offcer to build temporary detention centers around the UGI space and can be in orbit of every UGI world. When they built the Orbital Detention stations they took this and built a different class and size. This station cannot have cryostasis chambers but it was built to hold them as much as a fortress.

When SECFORCE commissioned these stations they placed several in deep space and these Stations would disappear, making many uneasy how a station of that size goes missing. These stations had cloak generators around them to make them invisible to sensors due to being out of phase. They would use these detention centers as interrogation chambers where they would torture enemies of the state. When the Judgment came through they decided to build one and put it in deep space of the Carpathian System.

Orbital Detention StationEdit

This station is twice the size of the Orbital Patrol station but has one key difference other than size. These are indefinite holding stations and only three exist. They can literally house up to 750,000 prisoners in Cryostasis chambers that are in slots that have up to 10 Cryo-Tubes deep and has 5 chambers of prisoners. To make sure no one will try to break them out they don't go by name on chamber pods instead they put them in serial numbers and to open up a pod it requires 5 SECFORCE officers to enter their individual codes. These officers are the Wardens of each chamber but no one knows who the Warden is not even the officers assigned under him, they go under the guise that the Wardens are not onboard as they were taught and trained and made the public believe. There are 7 of these Orbital Detention stations and all of them are in Deep Space.