UGI Medical Corps
UGI Medical Corps
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Medical Organization

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500 Trillion UGI credits monthly


Doctor Solana

The UGI Medical Corps is the medical division of the UGI that helps the galaxy when they are in need. Whenver there is a known pandemic on a planet the UGI Medical Corps dispatches a Medical Ship to the planet to help them and acts as a mobile and combat hospital.


The UGI Medical Corps was created to render aid to anyone in the galaxy.

Corporate WarEdit

The Corporate War took a major strain on the galaxy but before the UGI dispatched the Medical Corps to render aid to the planets that were affected. They painted their dropships white and red to indicate they are not to be attacked. AULTECH attacked one of the MK IV Iron Fist and destroyed it which brought in SpecForce and began to destroy Aultech resources.

Sorghelli War Edit

During the Sorghelli War the Medical Corps took a major blow and lost nearly all their vessels, while they acted as evacuation vessels, it was unfortunately unsuccessful to evacuate every world the Sorghelli were going after, while precious moments were bought by the lives of UGI SECFORCE, and Navy the Medical Corps inspired to keep going, they fought hard to ensure the civilians of any world were safe, and as they learned of each vessel that went down, the Medical Corps fought harder to ensure the lives of the men on the vessels were not in vain, and didn't die without a good reason. The Taiidans of medical corps ended up leaving to hunt the Sorghelli on their own terms it would later be found out the Sorghelli race was hunted down so mercilessly that the Sorghelli couldn't never return, as they were made excinct with arming of ZR-57s around every Sorghelli world. They would return after the Novan galaxy was left uninhabitable.

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