UGI Intelligence
UGI Intelligence
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Intelligence Agency

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Commander Alec Cygnus


This organization is part of the UGI its soldiers gather important intelligence that may be a threat to the UGI. Their military base is actually called Cipher Outpost on Carpathia, as well as Cipher 1 Outpost on the New Carpathian world in Starfleet Reality. Their soldiers are very odd looking but what makes them totally indinstinguishable is that Division 11 Operatives/Soldiers look just like UGI Intelligence's soldiers.


As being Taiidan the 30% of the Taiidan species being trained from birth to be Infilitrators these soldiers are some of the most feared Taiidans. As they can infilitrate just about anything. However what makes them more dangerous is that they are trained from birth, tortured at a younger age, and go through rigorous training excercises that would make one believe it is cruel. They are then trained to attack targets and are considered acrobatic.


The Insignia is the most intresting of all the UGI for one reason the Sword. The Sword with wings is due to the fact the Intelligence is the hidden weapon of the UGI and their sword is their weapon by critically striking the enemy where the chinks in their armor are visible. This is a refrence to the Cipher Division. But more intresting is the wings, the wings represent the enemy, and stabbing into the enemy through subversion and coersion they topple governments. This is a refrence to the fall of Chisria where they toppled the entire government through infilitration. They were called the Shinobi incident as they used them as propganda making the people fearful of the government and then revolting causing Chisria to collapse, during the Novan Wars. This brought the end to the Military State of Chiria and left the Golan Alliance weakened to the point of near surrender. Then the Convergeance happened.


The UGI Intelligence Department was created for one reason alone, and that was to ensure that they would have the best military intelligence in the galaxy when this was found to be needed they out of no where was created. They began operations out of a UGI Command Center known as Cipher Outpost and retrofitted it with advanced satellite arrays and put a Deflector Shield around the structure to ensure they would be safe. To make things even more difficult for the enemy they went all the way to cloak the structure even though the building was in the middle of the Carpathian Capital city, Frigoris.

Any operations affiliated with them are deemed classified and haven't been released to the public.

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