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The UGI Citizens Rights is a list of all the rights citizens retain and hold in the UGI.

UGI RightsEdit

  • UGI citizens are allowed to choose their own governor and uphold and maintain their own planets economy without the aid of the UGI.
  • UGI Citizens have the right to call on the UGI's military for aid, without conditions. Those who are in trouble on worlds not affiliated with the UGI, they may call upon the military and a unit will be dispatched and will come to protect you.
  • UGI citizens retain all the rights of their world before annexation into the UGI. Their constitution before annexation is not null and void and will still be used.
  • UGI citiznes have the right to bear arms and own weapons provided the correct lisences in the UGI. 
  • You have the right to vote for laws and no law can be passed in the UGI without the entire UGI voting on it. The represenatives you vote in cannot vote laws for you they may vote for laws to be sent to the voting booths, only you can have the new law put into place and action.
  • You do not be on a UGI world to have UGI rights, any planet that revokes your rights as a UGI citizen you may call for a EVAC.
  • UGI will not enforce or force upon you any law that makes anything mandatory unless it is for your protection.
  • The UGI will maintain do everything in its power to protect you, military wise, finacial as well as medical. All UGI worlds will adhere to the strict laws the UGI Medical Corps puts into place.
  • The UGI Medical Corps is responsible for creation of all hospitals on UGI worlds and will maintain them. You are given the best medical attention you can possibly hope for.