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The UGI Airforce are the pilots of the UGI. Wearing similar armor to the Army and Marines they have one minor feature, they have a zero-g body armor with a Vacuum helmet.


UGI Airforce
These soldiers are considered to be the best pilots in the UGI they can literally jump into any aircraft in the UGI and pilot it, from fighter craft to small warships. They are however used in SECFORCE for system patrols. These men also during the invasion of Carso acted as infantry when the UGI Army was running low on men on the ground provided not only air support but acted as the combat medics and Outpost security. They were trained to use any weapon they can put in their hands and have been known to be able to pilot UGI Corvettes by themselves.

When they became famed for their daring assaults they were considered the best pilots, who had not only bravery and courage, but they were feared in the Battle of Telos IV where they attacked an enemy Capital Ship and took it down with Gunship variant Defenders, and took it apart within a matter of minutes.


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