Starfleet is the Navy of the UFOP.


The History of Starfleet is long and is filled with valor as well as honor. They began in 2109 with the NX-class vessels however they did have some very dangerous operations and has made enemies with the Klingons, only for them to join Starfleet later on. However the Klingons do not like the UGI and has on many times attacked UGI vessels although they are under alliance with Starfleet and the Federation. UGI has declared war on the Klingon Empire since.

Known ShipsEdit

Uniformed services Engineering Corps · Starfleet · Marine Corps · Starfleet Intelligence · SpecOps · Stafleet Starfighter Command · Starfleet Security
Major sub-divisions Task Force Omega · MACO · Starfleet Marshalls
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