Section 666

The Symbol of Section 666

Do you understand by looking at this page means that you have already been erased from all history and their realities. 

Section 666Edit

Section 666 is unknown even to Section 31 of starfleet and is unknown to all the galaxy even those who are operatives don't even know it exists. The purpose of why this group was founded still is unknown yet it may have to do with two certain places in the universe. Nova Centurion Prime Star system located in the Glactic south of the Alpha Quadrant. The other a place known only as The Chasm of the Cosmos. 

Director in chargeEdit

The Current Director of Section 666 remains a mystery but the founder was Rathuras Rathal or least he unitnentional caused it to form. Even he doesn't know of their existance. 

Declassified Edit

Whne Rathuras Rathal became aware of Secret activity aboard his ship he broke into the Section and revealed its secret existance galactic wide. He traveled to UGI space and had them do a mandatory check on the ship but when they boarded he requested that they help him dismantle the installtion aboard his ship. The wealth of knowledge revealed much to the UGI and to The Jekvin Coalition. It also verified the whereabouts of the real Letric Tech and his whereabouts. This knowledge allow the UGI to do a retrieval mission to Letric Tech's Location and place him under heavy guard. When Letric Tech revealed he had no intention of using his company for any form of war and that his duplicate shouldn't be starting this war. Shortly afterward AulTech began to target cvilizations and not just corporations. 

Rathal went on his own with Erex and the two of them captured many advanced technologies at Section 666's main headquarters. What they could understand or use they destroyed after nearly 350 years Section 666 was no more. A more horrify fact was learned some years later during the corporate war that the Zodiac and Section 666 where one and the same.