SOLARIS Plasma Rifle
SOLARIS Plasma Rifle
Product information

Taiidan Arms


Plasma Assault Rifle

Technical information

4.5 ft

Ammo type

Plasma Cell

Max. Ammo

500 rounds

Magazine size



35 meters

 The SOLARIS Plasma Rifle is the primary assault rifle of Taiidan marines and UGI marines and infantry across the galaxy.


Although it doesn't comply with the normal designs of a Rifle it does appear to be identical to the Phaser Rifle used by Starfleet but with much different design changes. It has an unusual orange coloring on the butt of the rifle. This weapon can fire in not only 3 bullet burst but in full auto. It is the preferred weapon of choice by Marines due to its stopping power and the range maybe short but in that 35 meter range is an instant killzone. 


This rifle was designed to kill armored enemy soldiers, particularly Taiidan insurgents. When a group of Taiidans rebelled against the Taiidan Empire and the UGI the Taiidan Defense Force created this weapon to do one thing, kill Taiidans. As knowing they are basically Bio-engineered super soldiers this rifle was the one thing that could penetrate Taiidan Body armor and kill its target almost instantly, allowing this weapon into the UGI was a long debate between the Taiidans and the UGI, the Taiidans eventually agreed to allow it in, but under the circumstance that they are the only ones allowed to build this rifle, when UGI agreed to the terms the rifle became the official weapon of the UGI. The Taiidan Arms Corporation began to build other weapons capable of doing the exact same thing but with Shotguns, Heavy Machine Guns, as well as Nailguns(Long Range Machine Guns). As this weapons popularity began to skyrocket and the Arms Corporation's weapons began to become backordered they had to contract out other Taiidan weaponsmiths to keep the weapon on a steady production.

When brought to Starfleet's reality this weapon was high powered by many standards. It was the capable of killing Starfleet Marines and armored soldiers with a single shot but they kept this weapon out of Starfleet hands and became the UGI's official assault weapon in Starfleets reality, so much to the poin that owning this weapon without proper authorization and not being part of the UGI's military was grounds for execution, even when Starfleet was against it.