Kalminite Gun

This Is Rathal's Experimental Side Arm

Product information



Experimental Energy Weapon

Technical information

5.5 ft

Ammo type


Max. Ammo

Kalminite Shells

Magazine size

1 shot per magazine

Weapon Action

Depending upon the Type of Kalminite used different results may occur.


9 kilometers


The weapons magazine is only a single shot and takes around a minute to reload.

The EX-0012 is an experimental rifle designed by Rathal. Over the past 30 years he has modified it remade and redesigned it. The Rifle weighs around 245 lbs, however to be able to fire it without killing user the gun has in place its own personal intial dampeners. After firing the shell inside the fifle is propelled up to speeds of warp 32 however because there is no contination power behind it after two kilometers the shell drops down to sublight speeds. At 9 kilometers the kalminite either detonates or slows to a point where it just doesn't move fast enough to go in a straight line. 


Rathal's gun uses several different Kalminite Shells.:

Green Kalminite: Is used to create extremely high yield explosions that are more used against large targets rather than single people. 

Red Kalminite: Is used to be to destory targets often without shields the kalminite will explode violently but no where near the same magnitude of the Green Kalminite.

Purple Kalminite: Purple Kalminite Shells are incrediibly apt at destroying large groups. It doens't matter what type of group as both Biological and synethtic constructs to even building are either launched into the air or crushed by unseen force. 

Grey Kalminite: Is the most powerful kind of shell used in this weapon. A shot from a Grey kalminite shell traveling at warp 950 is capable of pericing all but the most unuasual of life forms and constructs. Only one biological life form has survived this shot. That person is Zarci.