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The Novan War is a war that is currently going on in the Novan Galaxy that has been going on for nearly 250 years, the wars have been so detrimental to the galaxy many outer-regions are uninhabitable. The Alliance which consist of the Galactic Council, the UGI, and Golan Commonwealth have been fighting for the freedom of the Novan galaxy while the others are fighting to enslave it. However the Delax Alliance is the biggest threat to freedom. There is in the Novan Galaxy nearly 850 thousand worlds by the end of the UGI in the Novan Galaxy there is only 13,000 worlds left habitable when the Novan galaxy had a 89% inhabited ratio. They were literally fighting themselves to excintion.


The Novan War started when several terror organizations who joined up with a very large organization one that had the power to fight, they began to attack the outlying regions of space known as the Exterior Arm regions, unknown to the true cause but the Syndicates' plan was be the victor at any cost and is the primary reason that the galaxy is becoming uninhabited as they used antimatter weaponry and destroyed much of the galaxy with it.


The war started with several key powers including the Golan Commonwealth being one of the champions in the war allying themselves with the United Galactic Initiative even though they were not on friendly terms in fact they just finished a war with them, and when they saw what the Syndicate was doing they put thier differences aside and fought for freedom. The UGI-Golan Commonwealth War was fought on a mishap, and the Golans never truly forgave the UGI. They saw what was needed and had to do something to protect their life. The Golans by the year 125 in the war were now excinct as the Syndicate used antimatter weaponry on their worlds and wiped them out. After their destruction the UGI has momuments on Carpathia in every major city of the heroism of the Golans, and the true act of sacrifice.

The Helghans were brought into the war when the Syndicate began to lose ground and the Helghans proved an even more deadly foe than the Syndicate.