Novan Galaxy
The Novan Galaxy is the name of the galaxy where the UGI are from. This galaxy is more inhabitated than Starfleets galaxy and on average more technologically advanced, but it is also been more war torn than the Starfleets galaxy. By comparison the Starfleet Reality is in the Milky Way while this Spiral galaxy has 100 regions seperated into 4 quadrants and in the center of the galaxy is nearly 10,000 worlds. Each star has on average between 7 planets in each system, and has 65% of the galaxy's worlds are inhabited. However with the Jump Gate technology the Novan galaxy can actually go to other Galaxies though it is a 7 week trip, so in the Novan Clusters the UGI galaxy is Novan 36 in the 78 galaxy cluster. However UGI only inhabits the center of all the clusters in the galaxy, with nearly 12 regions to its name it has the most densely populated section of the entire Novan 36 galaxy.

The Novan WarEdit

The Novan Galaxy went through a 250 year war and is has suffered greatly. After the UGI was brought to the normal reality the Novan Galaxy was nearly obliterated. It was already destroyed in many parts of it though they did discover that what is seen isn't the entire galaxy. The Novan war left only 10% of the visible galaxy depicted above habitable, the rest of the galaxy is the unknown regions which is actually accounting for 75% of the galaxy.