I.G.O. Imperial Galactic Order
Political information
Type of Government

Fascist Reigeme





Head of State


Head of Government




Defacto Leader


Societal information
Capital world

Yin'Sona Epsilon

Official Language(s)


Official Currency


Official Anthem

[March of Might]

Enemies of State

The Great Conqest

Historical Information
Formed from


Date of Establishment


Date of Fragmentation

3493 (destruction of the Homeworld)

The Imperial Galactc Order was a short lived empire that expanded rapidly throughout a good portion of the universe, before the destruction of their homeworld. For a brief time both the UGI and the Taiidans were unsure if they could stop them, but by unexplained reasons of their himeworlds star rapidly aging and being destroyed the the IGO was never able to establish itself as a permanet Galactic Power. 

The IGO PhilosphyEdit

"When war happens Technoloy advances, when war happens, wealth forms, when war happens glory is earned, and when war finishes all trmeble before you."

In 3493 a small culture which was never taken much notice of within a short 9 months became a galactic power and conquered nearly every race it came in contact with without much losses. 

To ensure absoulte obediance the IGO killed all the men and women on the planet leaving the children to be raised by robots and indoctrinated into their culture and bred as soldiers, engineers, and scientists, to fuel the arsenal. 

Because the Homeworld made use of drone Ships which were ships that were piloted by droid brains rather than living crew members the it was incredibly difficult to stop them, soon as one ship was destroyed another took its place. 

On their hmeworld though strange rapid detoriation of their star took place until the star went supernova incenterating the Hmeworld killing all of the drone ship controllers. The death of the Homeworld occured just briefly seconds before a wepon detonated in a crowd of taiidan children, the weapon did not detonate with the death of the homeworld. 

Teh UGI sent relief to the planets effected as well as providing homes for the children who lost their parents. 

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