Astrographical information
Star Position




  • Decio Satellite Array

55,000 miles

Day Length

75 hours

Year Length

2000 days

  • Oxygen
  • Sulfur
  • Argon
  • Hydrogen
Surface temperature
  • Day: 110 degrees
  • Night: 500 degrees


Notable Facts

The only known planet in the galaxy where the night is hot and the day is cold.



This planet is what the UGI calls Hell, and sends all of its soldiers here to train. Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and Special Forces Command has its headquarters here.


Hell's surface
The planets geography is quite daunting to those who have no idea what they are in for, it is soo hot at night that the UGI must provide indoor AC as well as HazSuits for its soldiers not only stationed here but are training here. Its main attraction is the Anias River which coindentally the planet Mars has one as well. At Hell the Anias river is 70 miles wide and stretches 45000 miles in a zig zag which part of it shown in the picture taken 7000 miles away from a satelite.

The planet has training compounds all over each compound is for individual military branches in the center of all the compounds is SpecForce command.

History Edit

Chosen by the UGI as they wanted their soldiers to train on the most inhospitable worlds as well as to force comradery upon the branches by creating faux units that had all the branches combined. Each squad had a Navy, Army, Marine, Air Force, as well as SECFORCE in each 5 man squad and it was to teach them to fight for each other and not fight each other and haze each branch. Its coordinates are classified but it is known that this world is the only world in the UGI that isn't in UGI space.

When the Judgment came through the blackhole and the UGI was granted 9 planets to colonize they were glad to see they had a world that had exact paremeters as the orignal Hell. So they named it Hell and terraformed it to fit the parameters of its size and recreated the Anias river.