"I'd rather fight Klingons in melee than a Dakaroan."
―Quark on DS9 while talking to Odo.
Biologial information


Physical information
Average Height


  • 220lbs (Male)
  • 130 - 160lbs (Female)
Skin color
  • Varies
Hair color


Eye color
  • Black reflective
  • White reflective
  • or Grey Opaque reflective

190 years

Physical distinctions
  • Instead of hair they grow razor sharp spines that grow out of the top of their head.
  • Their skin color varies between white, green, with black veins that look as if they have an infection.
  • Their beard is the same as their spines but it doesn't harm them when it touches their own skin.


Known ranks


Notable Facts
  • Some of the galaxies most feared mercenaries and soldiers
  • Anyone who would hire them.

The Dakaroans are renowned in the galaxy for their mercenary work and have been known to attack vessels twice their size. They have no concept of fear of death or fear in general.


This species has grown on a largely unknown world, however it is in Breen space. This species instead of hair on any part of their body they grow razor sharp claws as well as their nails are razor sharp bone protusions. To make them even more unsettling their eyes are reflective in the colors of Grey opaque(near black), black reflective, or white reflective. This is due to their planet is in geo-synchronous orbit with another world in their system so their planet is perpetually dark, so any amount of light hurts them at first. The Klingons even show some fear of them but not of terror, but of Honor, as their physiology allows them to breathe in almost any atmosphere. Even with a nose they cannot smell anything so even if there is a ghastly aroma in the air such as being on a Klingon vessel, they cannot smell it at all.


This species was discovered by Starfleet around the time of the NX-class era by Captain Johnathan Archer, he noted that they were "insanely powerful." They may be physically strong but that is only what they are known for except they live to hunt, and have been the most feared bounty hunters in the Galaxy for quite sometime. They do allow their prey to escape and has never lost their quarry those who do lose their prey they commit suicide as it is more honorable to die by them self than to lose their target.

When the Klingons went to the Dakaroan homeworld they wanted to see how they would hold up and engaged in battle with them and lost. The Klingons ended up routing and retreating to their ship as they were losing the battle that had been going on for nearly 12 hours. When the Klingon General knew he was defeated he asked the Dakaroan leader if they would like to fight with the Klingons in battle and not against each other. When the Dakaroans agreed the Klingons began to send Raptors to their world and gave them a fleet of 16 Raptors, and 50 Ning'tao class Bird-of-Prey . The Klingons don't use these vessels and are reserved for the Dakaroans.