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The Atrox are a race of Intelligent machines from another galaxy. In there galaxy they have conquered over 80% of their known galaxy. The 20% belongs to a race of beings known as the Razureth. The Atrox are considered to be a threat to any starships leaving the galaxy as their galaxy is in close proximity to ours. They are known throughout there galaxy and the Borg as being incapable of being resisted. The Borg would worship them had not this race allow its citzens to disconnect from the hive mind when not on duty. 

Atrox Soldier

The Atrox History and SocietyEdit

The Atrox originated from a previous existing race which they crushed as soon as the first Atrox went online. The Atrox have declared all biological life in the universe as imperfection. The Atrox have no known homeworld nor do they have any single leadership individuals such as the Borg and their queens have. Though their is a command structure within their military it seems though that their is no known way to stop them. 

They did however right the rules for a Galactic Civilization:

A civilization must unite its galaxy.Edit

A civilization must have technology to leave its galaxy.Edit

A civilization must be able to explore other galaxies.Edit

A civilization must have weapons capable of world destruction.Edit

A civilization must have some knowledge of Kalminite and a use for it.Edit

A civilization must also have a population approximately 500 trillion or more.Edit


The Atrox are nearly 500,000 years more advanced then the Federation. Weapon systems aboard a standard starship are powerful enough to vaporize planets and cause star's to go supernova. Their shields are unrivaled but are often not used when confronting new races as the mere intimidation of the vastness of their ships can often be enough to scare a civilization back to the stone age. Their sensors are immensely long ranged as are their navigation charts. 

Almost every ship is equipped with a far superior technology known as Blink drives which essential teleport their ships instantly with no delay in reconstructing the energy into matter. They also know how to open rifts into other realities as they are constantly trying to eliminate their biological rivals the Razurath.

Notable FactsEdit

The Atrox are responsible for enhancing VGER

The Atrox are responsible for wiping out their creators.

The Atrox are the worn Enemies of the Razureth

The Atrox are the only Species capable of killing a Razureth

The Atrox hold a respect to the Ancient Uranians who mastered the ability to use gravity as energy. 

The Atrox were said to have once traded with the Ancient Uranians. They were said to of learned how to create synthetic Omnium and Neutronium from the Ancient Uranians.